Filler Injections: Do’s and Don’ts

Filler Injections Do’s and Don’ts Scottsdale Facial Aesthetics Center

If you wished your cheeks were plumper or your lips were fuller, you might be looking into facial aesthetic treatments. Filler injections can fix those issues. Whether you want to create a more youthful appearance or enhance your features, fillers are a great option.

We offer many filler products at our Scottsdale location. Keep reading to learn more! When you are ready to schedule a free consultation, please call our office right away.

Types of Filler Injections We Provide

If you are interested in learning about your options, please keep reading. The following are some of the many types of fillers that you can receive in our Scottsdale office.


Sculptra filler injections have a synthetic form of poly-lactic acid that adds volume to areas of the face. It is placed under the skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen can make your skin look younger and fuller and is biocompatible, meaning it isn’t harmful to your facial tissue. Sculptra is often used to help smooth your skin and give you volume that looks natural.


This filler comes in several different formulas for the type of treatment it is used for. There is a Juvéderm specifically used on wrinkles and fine lines, and another version can fill in sunken areas around your eyes and plump up your lips.


This type of filler comes in various formulas for different treatments. There is a formula of Restylane that is designed to help fill cheeks and jawlines. There are a few variations of the formula for other aesthetic treatments.

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One of the more well-known fillers is Kybella. This type of filler is a bit unique from the other options. Kybella has been used to improve the appearance of the jawline and chin area, and it can sculpt the area by breaking down fat in these areas to give you a slimmer look.

Tips for Filler Injections

Talk to your provider about the possible risks associated with your treatment. Get acquainted with the product you will have injected into your face.

Make sure you are being treated by a licensed medical professional who uses FDA-approved filler injections that are pre-filled. You have every right to request to look at the labels of your filler products to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.

Never use any filler injection products on yourself. Always seek a licensed professional to help, and never use filler on large body parts.

Warnings for Filler Injections

The FDA has several warnings for fillers, and Fillers have not been approved for use in the buttocks, breasts, or between muscles. They warn that attempting to use fillers for large areas can cause serious harm to the body and may even be fatal in some instances.

Further, the FDA has not approved needle-free fillers. You may have seen advertisements for fillers than are “needle-free” hyaluronic acid fillers. The FDA does not approve these because they can cause serious injury to the skin, lips, and eyes.

Lastly, the FDA warns against using fillers outside of the scope of a medical setting. Essentially, they warn against using products on yourself. You will not have to worry about fillers being used safely if they are done by a trained professional.

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Call to Schedule Your Free Consultation

We would love to help you explore your options if you are interested in filler injections. Please give us a call right away to talk about your concerns, and we can help you come up with a treatment plan to provide you with results that you love. Schedule your free consultation today.

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