3 Benefits of Dental Implants

3 Benefits of Dental Implants Scottsdale Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Are you missing teeth? Not only are you likely feeling insecure about the cosmetic issues that missing teeth causes, but you may also be suffering in many ways. Talking normally can be difficult, eating can be a challenge, and you could be at risk for jawbone degeneration. Please keep reading to learn about the benefits of dental implants.

Our Scottsdale dentist has over 30 years of experience placing more than 40,000 dental implants. We strongly recommend setting up a free consultation as soon as possible if you want to receive dental implants. Give the office a call today!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are generally regarded as the top treatment option to replace missing teeth. There are many benefits of dental implants, and they have a 98% success rate, are durable, match the rest of your teeth, and can last a lifetime.

You have to have a certain amount of jawbone structure in order to have a dental implant placed. If you are lacking enough bone mass, you can either get a bone graft or explore the possibility of a mini dental implant which is much smaller.

The implanted portion of the dental implant is the titanium screw that will eventually hold the ceramic dental crown. The screw has two parts, and it includes the post that is implanted into the jawbone and then the abutment that holds the dental crown.

There is a healing period between getting the screw implanted and when the dental crown can be placed.

3 Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Among the many benefits of getting dental implants, the following are three of the biggest ones. We would be more than happy to help you get a free consultation scheduled if you would like to reap the benefits of dental implants. Read on to learn more.

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#1 Cosmetic Fixes

Your smile may have suffered a lot cosmetically. There are very few things that ruin a smile as missing teeth do. If the cosmetic benefits of dental implants are the only reason you want to receive this treatment, we would completely understand. There are several other benefits, but cosmetic improvements are often a huge reason we see patients.

#2 Talk Easier

Dental implants can eliminate speech issues that missing teeth have caused. If you have front teeth missing, you may have a lisp that makes you feel like you can’t talk without sounding silly. This can make your self-confidence plummet. We strongly recommend scheduling a free consultation if you wish you could speak without impediment.

#3 Eat Easier

You may be limited to what you can eat if you are missing teeth. Some of your favorite foods may be too hard to chew, reducing your quality of life and impacting your overall health. One of the many benefits of dental implants is that you can eat easily.

Financing Plans for Dental Implants

We understand that dental implants are an investment, but the benefits of dental implants are well worth the cost. Not everyone will be able to pay for their treatment in one go, which is why we gladly accept financing for dental implants.

You can turn your lump sum into manageable monthly payments. We accept financing in attempts to make this life-changing treatment more accessible. Please get in touch with the office today if you have questions about financing your dental implant.

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Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you want to learn the benefits of dental implants, please do not hesitate to contact our office. Our Scottsdale dentist has been servicing patients for more than 30 years. If you want a dentist you can trust to provide you with the best possible results, please give us a call right away to schedule your free consultation.

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