Fix-on-Six Dental Implants in Scottsdale, AZ

You’re likely already aware of conventional dental implants and what they can do to replace teeth. After all, over 3 million people in the United States have at least one dental implant. However, there are more options than just conventional dental implants, with Fix-on-Six dental implants and other mini dental implants offering a range of affordable and effective solutions.

At Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we can provide mini dental implants to resolve a number of issues, from missing teeth to loose dentures, here in Scottsdale, AZ. This procedure could be just what you’re looking for, and you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best in care from Dr. Todd Shatkin, who has placed over 30,000 dental implants to date.


What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are similar to conventional dental implants in many ways. The key difference is their size. Traditional implants are large titanium posts that include a base that screws into the jawbone and a separate abutment piece, along with the crown, bridge, or denture that the implant serves as a base for.

Mini dental implants provide a base for a tooth replacement with just one piece. This size of the post required is much smaller than the conventional implant, and in some cases, a lack of space means that mini dental implants are the only viable option.

Like conventional implants, the mini dental implant is implanted into the jawbone like a screw. The post is all one piece, with a ball at the top that will serve as the connector for the crown, bridge, or denture.

The implant post is made of titanium, a strong material that has begun to replace the use of porcelain and other metals in a variety of dental procedures. Titanium is preferred in dental implants because of its biocompatibility.

It also demonstrates great “osseointegration,” the fusing of the post to your jawbone for the strongest possible foundation. This makes it possible for the mini dental implants to stand up to the forces involved in chewing and speaking. Mini dental implants from Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics provide great results in terms of appearance and function.

What Is Fix-on-Six?

If you’ve looked into tooth replacement in the past, you might have heard of All-on-Four dental implants. Fix-on-Six dental implants are an analogous procedure for replacing an entire row of teeth. It involves the implantation of six individual posts along each arch (twelve in total for both top and bottom when needed) to serve as a base for permanent dentures.

Fix-on-Six Dental Implants in Scottsdale, AZThis can allow individuals who have lost all or most of their teeth to reclaim their ability to speak and eat naturally, greatly improving their quality of life. Fix-on-Six dental implants provide greater strength and a more natural feeling than removable dentures and eliminate the soreness that can come from slippage and other issues with poorly fitting dentures.

Fix-on-Six dental implants can also provide a solution for patients where All-on-Four conventional dental implants can’t. Many of our patients at Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics who have bone loss, low bone density, or otherwise can’t accommodate the larger posts are still able to have Fix-on-Six dental implants.

Why Do Patients Choose to Get Mini Dental Implants?

There are a wide variety of reasons why patients might choose mini dental implants. They can provide a better solution than removable dentures for individuals who have lost all or most of their teeth, restoring the look and function of natural teeth.

They’re also suitable for individual tooth replacement and bridges, making them a versatile tool for a wider range of cosmetic dentistry applications. Patients who have lost one or several teeth can restore the appearance of their smile, make eating easier, and prevent the long-term issues that missing teeth can cause.

Mini dental implants can play a vital role in maintaining lifetime oral health, but they are also a common choice for aesthetic reasons. Many of the patients who visit us at Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics are looking for ways to improve the appearance of damaged teeth that aren’t necessarily a health concern.

Replacing a tooth with a mini dental implant will ensure that the patient keeps their ability to chew and speak as normal while also giving them a natural-looking replacement to revitalize their smile.

If you are missing teeth and considering options to replace them, contact us today to learn how mini dental implants can change your life. Dr. Todd Shatkin has 30 years of experience helping patients find the perfect solution for their dental needs, and mini dental implants or Fix-on-Six implants could be just right for you.

Why Do Patients Choose Mini Dental Implants over Conventional Implants?

Each patient has their own unique needs. At Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we put a strong emphasis on delivering personalized care for each of our patients. If you’re wondering whether mini dental implants or conventional implants are right for you, we’ll conduct a thorough consultation for free to identify your individual needs and discuss how different treatment options can meet them.

While the right choice varies on a patient-by-patient basis, mini dental implants have some key advantages over conventional implants. The cost is one factor, especially when comparing Fix-on-Six dental implants to All-on-Four traditional implants. Mini dental implants can be significantly more affordable due to their construction and reduced treatment time.

The procedure for mini dental implants is more straightforward and much faster than conventional implants. They’re often called same-day implants because the actual implantation takes just a single visit, although there will be a consultation ahead of time to plan the procedure.

The complete conventional implant process can take several months to nearly a year. The bottom half of the implant takes months to heal after placement, leaving a visible gap during that time. Another visit places the abutment and crown. This can be complicated by the need for bone grafts in some patients before placement, adding additional surgery and months to the beginning of the process.

Mini dental implants are placed in one go. You’ll leave our office with a shining smile, although the crown or bridge used at this point will be temporary. This is replaced once healing is complete, so there will be another visit, but you’ll have a full smile in the meantime.

The use of temporary dentures also makes Fix-on-Six dental implants a much more pleasant process than All-on-Four conventional implants. Instead of going several months without teeth in your mouth at all during healing, Fix-on-Six dental implants allow for temporary dentures to be placed during the healing process.

Getting Started with Mini Dental Implants in Scottsdale, AZ

Are you missing one, many, or even all of your teeth? Contact Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Todd Shatkin. We’ll discuss your dental issues and develop a custom treatment plan that will give you the best results, both functionally and aesthetically.

Concerned about the potential cost? We’re always upfront with our prices and can discuss this further during your free consultation. We provide a range of payment options that can have you enjoying a beautiful, strong smile sooner than you might think. Mini dental implants and Fix-on-Six dental implants could be just what you need, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.