What Influences Dental Implant Cost?

Dental Implant Cost Scottsdale Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Having a tooth extracted can be stressful for any patient, especially when they begin thinking about the cost of replacing it. When dealing with losing your natural tooth, you have multiple options to replace it, including dental implants. However, a dental implant is considered a surgical procedure, increasing the overall cost. But how much does a dental implant cost?

Factors Influencing Dental Implant CostDental Implant Cost Scottsdale Dental & Facial Aesthetics

You can expect the average dental implant cost to fall around a few thousand dollars. This fee includes the titanium rod, abutment, and artificial tooth placement. Extractions and bone grafting are additional procedures that will increase the final cost.

These additional factors could influence the price of your dental implants:

Preliminary Procedures

Some patients require preliminary procedures to prepare their jawbone or gum tissue for an implant. These treatments may include extractions, bone grafting, or periodontal treatment.


Dental implants are as unique as each patient. They are customizable so they can fit any mouth. These FDA-approved medical devices are investments, but they can last a lifetime with proper care.


Many implants are made from zirconium or titanium; your dentist will choose the best material for your treatment. The quality of the metal used influences the final dental implant cost.

Laboratory Fees

At your appointment, a member of the dental staff will take impressions to capture what your mouth looks like. The impressions are sent to a dental laboratory where the final crown is created. The lab may charge a fee to the dentist, who will likely include it in your estimate.

Cost Of Living

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The final cost of your dental implant depends on where you receive treatment. Cost of living factors into dentists’ prices for every procedure, not just implants.


The more experience your dentist has placing dental implants, the more they may charge for their services. Skill and experience come with a cost, but ultimately, it’s worth the expense.

Will Insurance Cover Your Dental Implant Cost?

Although things are changing, many dental insurance companies still consider dental implants an elective procedure and won’t cover the cost of the treatment. However, with the increasing popularity of dental implants, more insurance companies have started providing coverage.

Making a Choice to Get Dental Implants  

Dental implants are the premier way to replace missing teeth. Patients with dental implants typically have no trouble with routine activities like chewing or speaking.

It’s important to note that every case is different. The dental implant cost can vary significantly from one patient to another. But because of the many benefits implants provide, most patients believe they outweigh the costs.

Refresh Your Smile with Dental Implants

Even though many insurance companies won’t cover the cost of dental implants, you may qualify for payment plans at Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics. Our flexible options make these procedures more affordable so you can enhance your smile and your confidence.

Visit our state-of-the-art facility for a free consultation with one of our seasoned professionals. We have over 30 years of experience and use the latest technology for improved diagnosis and less-invasive treatments.

Join the 3 million Americans who have at least one dental implant. Contact Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics today.

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