Permanent Tooth Replacement Options

Permanent Tooth Replacement Options AZ Dentist Free Consultation

Your teeth falling out is a thing of nightmares. Many Americans suffer tooth loss and are searching for permanent options for tooth replacement.

No one wants a smile that has gaps. Dentures are not a permanent solution, and they can cause gum infections when they are ill-fitting. Our Scottsdale dentist has the permanent solutions you are looking for.

Dr. Todd Shatkin is a world-renowned dentist who provides life-changing treatments. Please keep reading to learn more about your options. Call our office immediately when you are ready to claim your free consultation.

Causes of Tooth Loss

There are several risk factors for tooth loss in individuals. Some of them are out of your control, such as your sex (men are more likely to have tooth loss). Others you do have some ability to change. The following are some of the most common reasons you may have tooth loss and require tooth replacement.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If you don’t take care of your oral health, you will suffer the consequences. This is a pretty clear example of actions (or, in this case, inactions) leading to consequences.

Good oral hygiene includes regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth. You can suffer tooth decay and gum disease if you neglect your teeth, and having decay and infection can lead to your teeth falling out.

Your oral health may be too far gone to be salvaged by trying to improve your oral hygiene.


You may require tooth replacement if your teeth are knocked out in an accident. Trauma to the face can cause a tooth to get knocked out of its socket. If you do not get to an emergency dentist in time, you will not be able to keep that lost tooth. A replacement may be your only option to fill in the gap that is left.

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We see a lot of athletes come in with knocked-out teeth who either lost the tooth entirely or they didn’t get it back in the socket in time to save the tooth.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can cause gum issues such as periodontal disease. Pregnancy is one of the biggest culprits. When your gums are affected by hormonal changes, your teeth can become loose and fall out. Pregnancy is already so hard. Losing your teeth on top of it all can be a horrible experience. Permanent tooth replacement can save your smile.

Options for Permanent Tooth Replacement

There are two primary options you have when you are exploring treatments for replacing a tooth. Please keep reading to learn more.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an option for your tooth replacement. It involves implanting a screw into your jawbone, allowing the area to heal, and then placing a crown onto the implanted post. It can take several weeks to receive your final results. However, they are very secure and natural-looking.

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants can offer a tooth replacement that is often regarded as a better option than conventional dental implants. Mini dental implants are much smaller, more affordable, and less invasive than traditional dental implants. You can use them to replace teeth in smaller areas such as incisors, and you can get a final result in one visit.

Tooth Replacement Financing Options

We offer flexible financing for our dental and mini dental implant treatments. Dental insurance does not often cover implant treatments, making it hard for some folks to afford the treatment in one payment.

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Financing is available to help you get the treatment you need. You can take one large payment and turn it into more affordable monthly payments.

Your Free Initial Consultation with Our Scottsdale Dentist

Our Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Todd Shatkin, can provide you with life-changing dental treatments. You can set up your free consultation right away when you give our office a call. Please reach out right away. We would love to hear from you.

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