Affordable Dental Implants Could Be More Accessible than You Think

Affordable Dental Implants Scottsdale Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Dental implants are among the fastest-growing tooth replacement options. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry says that more than 500,000 Americans have dental implants placed each year. However, many people are still hesitant about this option. Some wish to avoid dental implants due to the surgery required to place them. However, the procedure is typically less invasive than most people initially believe. The other major sticking point is cost, but affordable dental implants are becoming more common as new technology and techniques are developed.

Affordable Dental Implants Scottsdale Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Mini Dental Implants Provide an Affordable Option

When most people think of dental implants, they think of the relatively large titanium posts that are implanted in surgery and take months to heal before their replacement teeth can be placed. However, mini dental implants are a newer treatment option that improves on conventional dental implants.

Mini dental implants are physically smaller than conventional dental implants. They’re also all one piece rather than a base and an abutment.

Since mini dental implants are only one piece, they can support temporary tooth replacement that same day. You can walk out of the office with a full smile instead of going months with gaps or an empty smile.

Mini dental implants are more affordable than conventional dental implants. The mini dental implants can be placed relatively easily, while conventional dental implants require a more invasive implant surgery. The simpler the surgery, the less cost is associated.

Some patients may require additional sedation or even general anesthesia for conventional implant surgery, which drastically raises the cost. Today, affordable dental implants can be achieved with mini dental implants.

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Avoiding Bone Graft Surgery

Both conventional dental implants and mini dental implants rely on the jawbone to provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth. However, the size of conventional dental implants requires more bone mass to provide support. In many cases, patients can have insufficient bone mass due to disease or even natural variation in jaw size.

In these cases, bone graft surgery is required to augment the jawbone for conventional dental implants. This surgery takes bone from another location and transplants it. It takes several months for the bone to fuse, essentially doubling the overall treatment time. It’s also another expensive surgery that will raise costs even more.

Mini dental implants are smaller and require less bone mass to provide support. This means that they won’t require bone graft surgery. Even in cases where the jawbone has already started to deteriorate due to missing teeth, mini dental implants are often still a viable tooth replacement option.

Find Out How Affordable Dental Implants Can Be for You

Dr. Todd Shatkin provides patients with high-quality tooth replacements using mini dental implants at Scottsdale Dental and Facial Aesthetics. In addition to being a more affordable treatment than other options, we also offer flexible payment plans to make them even more accessible.

Schedule your free consultation today to find out whether affordable dental implants are the right treatment option for you.

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